vrijdag 13 maart 2015

Masterclass Hino Akira Sensei mei 2015

The mountains of Wakayama east of Kyoto have always been regarded as a place of spirituality loan. Housing the temple complex on Mount Koya, the sacred waterfall Nachi and dozens of shrines. It was there that Ueshiba Morihei, founder of Aikido. And this is where Akira Hino , one of the greatest contemporary martial arts masters built his house and his school, the Hino Budo Institute. Hino sensei is a character in the novel.

Growing up in the shallows of Osaka he soon witnessed violent brawls and would sometimes involuntary take part in them. As a teenager he turned to music which indirectly guided him to the Way of martial arts. Author of numerous books and videos, today he is one of those whose voice carries well beyond the borders of the martial world. Olympic medalists, champions of Kickboxing and MMA, professional footballers and rugby players alongside dancers, actors and therapists come and train with him in the effective use of the body according to the principles of Budo.

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